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After graduating from a local high school in 1979, I tried several vocations until going to work for a local roofing company in 1985.  In 1987, I moved into the Strasburg Borough in Lancaster County, PA.  In October of that year, I started my own business doing mostly new construction roofing.  By the spring of 1988, I stopped doing new construction and went exclusively into re-hab roofing.  Over the next few years, I added exterior renovations to the business by expanding into siding, soffet, fascia and aluminum capping as well as rubber roofs.

By 1999, with my back and knees beginning to feel the effects of the job and getting closer to the age of 40, I expanded into vinyl and wood replacement windows.  Over the next few years, I started installing bay windows, entry doors, and French doors.  In 2006, I started installing the new fiberglass replacement windows.

If you call 717-464-0517...

You will get me personally or my answering machine and I will return your call.  I will be the person who comes out to give you an estimate.  I will bring my crew with me to do your project.  You will deal with only myself from the start to the finish of your home improvement project.

Several years ago, I made the decision to keep my business small so that I could have complete control over the project and therefore be able to ensure that your project is done to the highest quality.  I am the estimator, project manager, installer and the owner.  Your project will involve myself and one or two employees, and it will be started and completed without interruption from another project.  It is my belief that this simple method of doing your home improvement project also gives you, the boss, the most control over your project and allows for an enjoyable and stress-free experience while adding value to your home.