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Siding comes in several materials, styles and colors.  Cedar siding is the most expensive and requires the most maintenance, but does offer a unique and old-fashioned look to your home.

Aluminum siding was used most often on homes built before 1980 and is still a very durable yet costly application.  However, styles and colors are limited and it is usually not recommended.  Vinyl siding has been the main standard for 30 years and continues to be the best option because of the wide variety of styles and colors, and the ease of installation which all provides for the most cost effective application.

I'm often asked about adding insulation to the outside of a home after the old siding has been removed and before the new siding is installed.  The Styrofoam blue board is what most home owners ask about.  A 2" insulation blue board offers an R value of 10.  However, the insulation and siding will stick out beyond your windows and the fascia board on the gable ends.  Therefore, I usually recommend contacting an insulation professional and have any additional insulation blown into the walls. 

I'm also asked about house wrap or what is often referred to by the industry's standard Tyvek.  The product is used by builders to protect the exterior walls of the house from inclement weather until the siding or masonry is installed on the new home.  For an existing home, I usually do not recommend this installation because it has no insulation value and it is an unnecessary added expense because whatever siding is removed from your home is replaced with the new siding on the same day.

As you can see by the pictures, we can make your home look new again or we can greatly improve and increase the value of your home.

The majority of people asking for a siding replacement estimate want to change the look of the exterior of their home.  However, siding alone usually doesn't do enough to bring about the desired look.  The addition of soffet, fascia, gutters and/or shutters usually are needed.  Aluminum siding is easily painted for much less money and can often take care of your need to change the look of your house.  If you want a general idea of the cost of siding replacement, you can figure it to cost about $3.00 per square foot.  Most single story homes are 10' high and most 2-story homes are 20' high.  So, to figure out the square footage of your home, multiply the height by the width and this should give you a general idea of the cost of replacement.  Soffet, fascia, gutters and shutters can easily be painted as well to keep the cost down and to give your home that new look, but if replacement is what you desire, now would be the time to call for an estimate.